PolyTube Cycles

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Start by removing all parts from your frame. During the repair process, the frame will be place in a so-called vacuum bag. Sharp edged parts such as brakes, derailures, etc. can damage the special plastic foil and cause the repair to fail.


Abstandshalter für die hinteren Ausfallenden Place a plastic dummy axel between the rear dropouts. It may be necessary to tape it in place. Now wrap the entire frame in bubble wrap or similar material.

Now add padding to the inside of the box. Pay special attention to the areas where the frame will contact the box (bottom bracket, headtube, top of the seattube and the dropouts).


Rahmen im Karton

Auspolstern des Kartons
Finally, write your name, address, email address and telephone number on a A-4 page and place it in the box before taping it closed. Your frame is now ready to be shipped. Kerton fertig für den Versand