PolyTube Cycles

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What type of damage can you fix?

Basically, almost any type of damage on a frame can be fixed. Multiple areas of damage however can make the repair costs exceed a sensible limit.

If you would like to know how much a repair will cost, you can send me the frame and I can give you an estimate of the cost of the repair. If you decide not to have it repaired you only pay € 18.00 plus shipping.

Parts that I don’t repair are forks, stems, handlebars and seat posts. These parts have very tight size tolerances, which makes a repair very challenging and expensive. Due to technical reasons, wheels are currently not reparable.


Can you replace dropouts or bottom bracket shells?

Yes, I can. BB-shells can be replaced or, if the original has come loose but is still useable, re-bonded.

Dropouts can also be replaced but getting original parts is not always possible. In that case I will use a standard part that matches the original as closely as possible.


The headtube of my frame was broke completely off. Can you re-attach it?

Yes. Using an internal sleeve, it will be bonded to the top and downtubes then the original layup schedule will be analysed and rebuilt.


Will the repaired area be visible after the repair?

That depends on the finish option you choose. If you leave the area unpainted I will match the surface layer to the surrounding area as well as possible but there are so many different types of carbon cloth that the area may be visible if inspected closely.

Normally, it will not be visible if the frame is painted.


Will my frame be heavier after the repair?

Since I first remove the damaged fibers before replacing them the weight increase is usually very low. Normally, well below 100 g per repaired tube.


Will my frame feel or handle differently after the Repair?

No. I take great care to match the original fiber direction so the stiffness of the frame will not be affected.


How long does a repair take?

I can normally return an unpainted frame in three to four weeks. If it will be painted afterwards, then an additional two weeks should be added. Depending on current work load, actual processing times may be longer. I will give an estimated completion date when I receive your frame and have inspected it.


Do I really need to remove all parts?

Yes. Not only does this make my job easier but also makes shipping cheaper. If you put the fork and headset in the box with the frame I will check it free of charge.


Is a repair really safe?

Yes. I use the same methods and materials that have been proven and approved for repairing aircraft. I also have repairs, chosen at random, checked through independent testing facilities.


Do you guaranty the repair?

All repairs are covered by a two year warranty. If a repair should break during that period, I will repair it again and return it to you free of charge. This warranty does not cover misuse or damage caused by another accident.


How much does a repair cost?

That is a question that can only be answered when the actual frame is in my shop. There are too many factors that play a roll such as how big the damaged area is, where the damage is, how thick the tube is in that area, etc.

As a general indication, simple cracks in the toptube start at € 200.00 plus shipping.

The chosen finish is also a factor. All repairs include a simple clearcoat. If painting is requested, that will depend on how complex the job is. Simple one color painting starts at € 150.00